About us


Proverbs 31 Heart Ring Slings is a small family business created by a Mommy of four little blessings, who has a heart for serving others. Our vision is all about carrying love into communities worldwide. Being a positive light and source of encouragement in communities by sharing love, kindness, and connectivity through baby wearing. Supporting families and loving everyone we meet!

Maranda was raised in rural North Carolina, where she learned to sew at the young age of three. Under the guidance and watchful eye of her Great-Grandmother, she began sewing small projects for others in the community. Serving others has always been of importance to Maranda, surrounded by strong beautiful women role models who taught her the value of hard work, kindness, and determination. With the birth of her children she became a baby wearing advocate, falling in love with different fabrics and textures all over again for a different purpose than before. Having a heart for serving others, living intentionally by spreading love and kindness to everyone in her path, Maranda's Proverbs 31 Heart Ring Slings journey began.

For Maranda, making a beautiful safe ring sling baby carrier is an intimate process. She thinks of the special family that she is creating this unique top quality piece for. Deciding on the organic and all natural fabric, she considers the design placement or print of the fabric and how it will look draped across the body of a beautiful woman or loving caregiver. She searches to find the correct softness and safely dyed fabrics, considering the feel and comfort of the fabric against the delicate skin of a newborn or toddler.  She inspects the weave, grain, fibers, and weight of the fabric, making sure the newly hand made ring sling will be strong, comfortable, and most importantly safe. Once she is ready, she cuts the fabric and treats it like the special blessing, one of a kind staple it will become in the life of a new mother, child, and family. She guides the beautiful fabric, tending to each step of the hand making process diligently down to every last tiny detail including the beautiful packaging for shipping home to you. 

Each ring sling meets and exceeds the 2018 safety requirements established by the CPSC, CPSIA, BCIA, ASTM as well as exceeding the ASTM 2907 standard manufacturing quality and safety testing. Proverbs 31 Heart Ring Slings is a BCIA member as well as a insured small family business. Proverbs 31 Heart is approved by the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as a Small Batch Manufacturer.  Each ring sling is hand crafted in the peaceful mountains of Western North Carolina. Being a baby wearing and homeschooling Mother to four little blessings herself, Maranda pours her love, expertise, and attention to detail into each ring sling she touches. Each sling is handcrafted from organic or all natural woven fabrics, chosen for their characteristics and origins based on safety and quality.

From our family to yours, Thank You for supporting our Small Family Business!



 Ring Sling Collections Offered

The Super Soft Collection

The single layered slings are completely softened, breathable, easy to thread, and fantastic for carrying newborns starting at eight pounds. They are amazing for quick ups (like a grocery store/target trip, an appointment, or shorter time carries) for larger toddlers up to 35 pounds. These are well suited for warm and cool climates.

The double layered slings from the super soft collection are absolutely supportive goodness. Handcrafted with two layers of super soft breathable, all natural linen. They are the most supportive linen ring sling option which is helpful when carrying heavier or older little ones for long periods of time. These are best suited for baby wearing in cooler (not hot) climates.


The Harmony Collection-

These lovely supportive slings are available in single layer form. They are the “in between” or the “harmony” of both single layered and double layered slings all in one. They are more supportive than traditional single layered slings. They are not quite as supportive as a double layered slings like the super soft light weight doubles. These lovely slings are handcrafted of heirloom textiles, the highest quality found. These are the most supportive single layered linen slings that will last the test of time. Each one is unique, please read each sling description for more information.


The Serenity Collection-

These lovely slings are available in single layer and double layered options. These beautiful and unique slings have a smooth luxurious feel. Crafted from all natural/chemical free, beautiful woven chambray, patterns, and unique prints. A soft single layer sling would be wonderful for a little baby or quick ups for a larger sized toddler. The user friendly, soft, lightweight double layered option offers more support for toddlers and a lovely coziness for winter/cold weather climates but is lightweight enough to be warm climate friendly..


The Organic Collection-

These lovely slings are available in single layer and double layer form. These beautiful organic linen slings are also softened and lighter weight than their traditional counterparts. A little more supportive than the super soft collection slings but not as soft. The linens here are each GOTS certified organic and made in very small batches. A soft single layer sling would be wonderful for a little baby or quick ups for a heavy toddler. The user friendly, soft, lightweight double layered option offers more support for wearing heavier toddlers, more support for longer carries, and a lovely coziness for winter/cold weather climates.


The Inspire Collection-

These lovely slings are the beautiful OOAK slings that our amazing Professional Dye Artist makes for us only. Each one hand dyed by The Pink Willow Tree. Her amazing artwork and our loved linens are a perfect match! These slings are available in single and double layer options unless noted in their description. 


The Silk Matka Slings-

These slings are hand loomed, top quality silk. They are available in a single layer only. Being silk they are lighter in weight and feel then a traditional double layered linen sling. They are more supportive than a traditional single layered linen sling and not as supportive as a double layered linen sling. They are comparable to the same support as the Harmony Collection slings. In “loom” state, meaning from the manufacturer they are a bit of a different texture, sort of “scratchy” or “sticky” or “squeaky." To help with this, unique to Proverbs 31 Heart, if you buy a custom silk matka sling, there is an option for your beautiful matka to be softened for you before handcrafted into your sling. This will lessen that initial loom state feel and create a softer sling brand new. Silk matka Slings are amazing for warm climates and baby wearing with heavier little ones where support is needed. 



Gift Cards, Mini Ring Slings, and Extra Dust Bags are available in the "Other" section. 

Ring Sling Lengths

Short- Any sling measuring less than 74 inches long from the top of the ring to the tail of the sling.

Standard- Any sling measuring 74-76 inches long from the top of the rings to the tail of the sling.

Medium- Any sling measuring 77-79 inches from the top of the rings to the tail of the sling.

Long- Any sling measuring 80-83 inches from the top of the rings to the tail of the sling.